Konvex is Tigé Boats official dealer for Northern Europe


Konvex Boats was founded in 2007.

The story of Konvex began in 2007 when I attended the French ski championship finals in La Clusaz to support my cousin. At the same time, a boat show was held in the same city.

At the boat show I got in touch with the French importer of Tigé Boats , an American brand of wakeboard and waterski boats.

Being a long-time passionate about wakeboard and mechanics, the opportunity to become the official importer of Tigé Boats for the Benelux provide a great opportunity aside from my career in Motorsports. Today, Konvex is the official importer of Tigé Boats for Northern Europe.

Konvex products and services

Konvex, located in Brussels, Belgium, stands for more than just selling and servicing boaters, it believes in investing in its customers and their experiences. Behind Konvex boats stands a team of passionate practioners and users of boats, wakeboard or water sports in general.

Tige Boats produces the most innovative product line, ranging from 20 to 24 feet in length and specializing in premier wakeboarding and wakesurfing boats. Tige Boats is an independent, design-driven company, celebrating over 20-years of uncompromising boat design.

In the young history of our company, Konvex Boats received twice (in 2012, 2013) the International Award of Excellence from Tige Boats! According to Rick Correll, President of Tige Boats USA, Konvex has “…set the bar for delivering an extraordinary experience for their customers.

Konvex partner network

In order to serve the needs of our customers, Konvex has set up a network of premium partners across Europe. All our partners have been carefully selected on the basis of their solid degree of experience and expertise in the area of recreational boating, wakeboarding and watersports. Our partners guarantee the quality and services of Konvex Boats close to your doorstep.

Renaud Kuppens – CEO Konvex Boats

Contact us:

    Phone : + 352 (0)691 151 099
    e-Mail : info@tigeboats.eu
    Website: www.tigeboats.eu
    Serves : Europe
    TVA/VAT/BTW number: LU017865835 (Luxembourg)