The 2024 Tige RZX Class

Why choose the RZX Class ?

Sport Meet Luxe

The RZX Class is a vehicle that combines sportiness and luxury, designed to provide a thrilling and enjoyable experience. It is capable of handling any sport or activity, and is known for its impressive appearance, impressive wakes, and ability to create memorable experiences.

Customize it to fit your personal style

The RZX Class can be customized to suit your individual preferences and style through extensive personalization options and a range of features. It comes equipped with essential performance features such as the GO System™, TAPS 3T, and Tigé CLEAR. You can choose from a range of additional features to suit your needs and preferences, whether you want a simple setup or a fully loaded vehicle.

Luxury that is designed for surfing

The RZX Class provides the ability to engage in various water activities, with the GO System™ allowing you to adjust the wave according to your skill level and preference. Whether you want a gentle, long wave for learning or a steep, ocean-like wave for more advanced surfing, the RZX Class has you covered. It is designed to provide a fun and exciting experience, with good times and epic barrel waves as standard features.

Standard Features

  • Alpha E3 Powered Tower
  • Audison 2D Sound System
  • BoatMate Trailer
  • Convex V Hull
  • Diamond Stitch Interior
  • Dual Fuel Fills
  • Electronic Isolator and Dual Batteries
  • GatorStep Non-Skid Flooring
  • GO System™ Powered by TAPS 3T
  • Indmar Raptor Motor
  • Indmar V 2:1 Transmission
  • ReCline Seat
  • RZX Airframe Windshield
  • RZX Aluminum Phone Holder
  • RZX Chromax Badging
  • Sea Strainer Flush Kit
  • Surf & Wake XL Ballast
  • Tige 5 Limited Warranty
  • Tige Alumina Helm Wheel
  • Tige CLEAR Horizon Touch Screen
  • Tige Pro Driver Mirror – 14″
  • Transom Flip Up Seats
  • Walkthrough Transom
  • Zero Off Cruise Control